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On National Girl Child Day in 2024, PM Modi salutes girls’ achievements and refers to them as change-makers.

On National Girl Child Day in 2024

On National Girl Child Day in 2024,

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recognized girls as ‘change-makers’ and highlighted the government’s efforts to give opportunity for girls to learn, grow, and prosper.

Modi remarked on social media platform X, “On National Girl Child Day in 2024, we salute the Girl Child’s indomitable spirit and accomplishments. We also thanks for each girl child’s tremendous potential in all areas.”

” They are the changes that make our society and country better. Over the last decade, our government has made numerous attempts to create a nation in which every girl child can learn, grow, and achieve success.

On National Girl Child Day in 2024, Prime Minister Narendra Modi recognizes the indomitable spirit and accomplishments of the girl child, emphasizing every girl’s potential in all fields.

The purpose of National Girl Child Day is to improve public awareness of girls’ rights and the importance of females health and education.

The Modi government introduced its most important project, ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’ (Save girls, educate daughters).

National Child Day

Schools in Hyderabad host awareness sessions run by Telangana Police SHE teams.

On National Girl Child Day in 2024, the SHE Teams of the Telangana Police conducted increasing awareness campaigns at a number of the city’s schools.

“In honor of National Girl Child Day, SHE Teams, with the direction of the Deputy Commissioner of Police Women Safety Wing and SIT and Joint Commissioner of Police Crimes, initiated a collaborative effort by the Assistant Commissioner of Police and Inspector of Police SHE Teams, along with three SHE Teams Hyderabad, organised a comprehensive awareness programme at various schools on January 23, 2024,” a news release from the Hyderabad police stated on Tuesday.

National Girl Child Day 2024: Dates and History

Every year on January 24, people celebrated National Girl Child Day, which marks the first anniversary of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao Scheme (Save the Girl Child, Educate the Girl Child) on January 22, 2015. On this day in 2008, the Ministry of Women and Child Development was founded. Since then, the day has been observed throughout India with an annual theme. In a society plagued by gender inequity, educational hurdles, dropout rates, child marriage, and gender-based violence, the campaign intended to highlight the unique challenges that girls face.

National Girl Child Day 2024 theme

On National Girl Child Day in 2024 theme was not yet announced by the government. Notably, the 2019 theme was ‘Supporting Girls for a Brighter Tomorrow’. “My Voice, Our Common Future” was the topic of 2020. The theme for National Girl Child Day 2021 was ‘Digital Generation, Our Generation’.

Importance of National Girl Child Day

On National Girl Child Day in 2024 is an essential day for raising awareness about girls’ rights, equality, and strength in society. The annual January 24th festival aims to raise awareness and combat prejudice against girls while promoting their right to health, education, and overall well-being. The observance seeks to foster a more inclusive and equal environment by recognizing the importance of caring and supporting girl children. This will create the way for a future in which every girl has the opportunity to succeed achieve her goals, and contribute meaningfully to her community and the country as a whole.

National Child Day

National Girl Child Day 2024 Quotes and Greetings

“Girls shouldn’t ever be afraid to be innovative.” – Emma Watson

“On National Girl Child Day in 2024, let us honor each girl’s strength, determination, and infinite potential. May we encourage and inspire them to reach for the stars and create a future full of equality and chances.”

“Let’s honor the fortitude, resiliency, and boundless potential of all girls on National Girl Child Day. May we inspire and enable them to aim high and create an egalitarian and opportunity-filled future.”

“Happy National Girl Child Day to all the amazing females! Your presence brightens the world, your voice matters, and your dreams are valid. Continue to shine!”



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