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Hiba Bukhari

LSA 2023: Pakistani actress Hiba Bukhari attracts controversy for displaying ‘too much’

Hiba Bukhari, a Pakistani actress, was chastised for wearing an unusual saree to the Lux Style Awards (LSA) 2023 on Saturday.

The glamorous event took place at the Expo Centre Karachi. Saba Qamar, Fahad Mustafa, Ahmed Ali Butt, and Durefishan Saleem hosted the lavish gathering.

Hiba Bukhari wore a revealing blouse with her saree, which some thought was “unsuitable.”

She is one of Pakistan’s most prominent actors and is noted for her trendy style. She has previously been chastised for her fashion choices, but she has always held firm.

In recent years, the performer gained popularity for her parts in successful dramas like as Fitoor, Deewangi, and, most recently, Jhok Sarkar.

Hiba Bukhari debuted as an actress in the 2015 drama serial Meri Beti Meri Amanat, playing a minor role.

She is well-known for her versatility and ability to play a variety of personalities.

Hiba Bukhari viewed LSA 2023 in this light.

Mahira Khan

Mahira Khan, a Pakistani actress, recently married for the second time. She married her long-time love, Salim Karim, in a small wedding ceremony. The actress has now published a variety of photos from her wedding celebrations. Take a look at the video.

Mahira Khan’s fame is rising, attracting audiences both in Pakistan and around the world. Her natural acting technique, combined with her beautiful beauty and natural charm, has helped her become a household figure in Pakistan’s entertainment business. Since her debut in the film “Bol” in 2011, the television actress has become one of the country’s most sought-after actresses, starring in a number of successful films and television dramas. Her drama “Humsafar” was also a smash hit.

Her ability gained her a variety of honors and medals, including the renowned Lux Style Award for Best Actress. Her fashion sense and beauty have also been observed, and she is widely regarded as one of Pakistan’s most glamorous and prominent actors. Mahira has become a symbol of Pakistani beauty and grace, influencing numerous young ladies in the country and abroad, from the red carpet to the pages of top magazines. It would be incorrect to call her one of the most gorgeous Pakistani women.

Mahira is well-known for her social work and support for different charitable projects in addition to her acting profession. She has worked with groups that try to give education and healthcare to those who are neglected, and her selfless efforts have earned her a place in their ranks.

Mahira’s success and popularity have gained her a big and devoted fan base, who appreciate her not just for her talent and beauty, but also for her charitable contributions, spreading smile, and pleasant attitude. Mahira Khan is a true star in every sense of the word, thanks to her consistent commitment to her work and helpful personality.

Mehwish Hayat

Pakistani actress Mehwish Hayat is a rising star in Pakistan’s entertainment business, attracting audiences with her talent, charm, and bold attitude. Her passion for Lollywood drove her to study Urdu from the ground up. Her rise to popularity has been nothing short of extraordinary, as she has attracted audiences with her engaging performances and various acting abilities.

Mehwish Hayat Pakistani Actress

Mehwish’s dazzling energy and commanding presence onscreen have earned her a variety of honors, including the coveted Lux Style Award for Best Actress, the Hum Award for Best Actress, and the Nigar Award for Best Pakistani Actress. She has been in several blockbuster Pakistani films, including “Dil Lagi,” “Load Wedding,” “Jawani Phir Nahi Ani,” and “Punjab Nahi Jaungi,” and her performances have inspired viewers.

This film actress is well-known for her continuous commitment to action and helping others, in addition to her excellent performing career. She is an outspoken advocate of women’s rights, education, and health care, and she has utilized her position to raise awareness about these critical topics.

Her hard efforts to advance these issues have gained her great respect and recognition, making her a role model for young girls and women throughout Pakistan. Mehwish Hayat is a true inspiration and a brilliant example of what it means to be a successful, empowered woman in the modern world, with her outspoken attitude and enthusiasm for making a difference.

Sanam Saeed

Pakistani actress Sanam Saeed is one of Pakistan’s most accomplished actresses, stunning audiences with her various acting abilities and deep singing voice. Her stunning performances in Pakistani dramas and films such as “Zindagi Gulzar Hai” and “Cake” have gained her favorable reviews and multiple honors, including the prestigious Hum Award for Best TV Actress.

Sanam’s built talent and ability to represent complex characters with sincerity and nuance have made her one of Pakistan’s most in-demand actresses. She adds a unique energy to each of her parts, creating a permanent impression on audiences and boosting the stories she conveys to new heights.

Sanam Saeed

Sanam’s music career continues to grow with her acting career. Her deep voice and amazing lyrics have won her a reputation as an unique and skilled singer, and her fans look forward to each new release with keen interest.

Sanam Saeed is a rising star with her enthusiasm and consistent dedication to her technique, shining brighter with each new performance and leaving audiences in a state of wonder of her remarkable talent.

Kinza Hashmi

Kinza Hashmi is another stunning Pakistani actress who has graced the screens of popular Pakistani television series and left a lasting effect on fans since she was a child. She has become a celebrity of the Pakistani entertainment industry thanks to her amazing on-screen presence.

kinza hashmi

Kinza has become a familiar face for reasons other than her acting ability. She’s also a fashion icon, consistently making an impression on the red carpet with her gorgeous collections. Her unique sense of style has influenced countless young women in Pakistan and around the world, and she continues to push the boundaries of fashion and beauty.

Pakistani actress Kinza is also known for her kindness and giving, as if her ability and beauty were not enough. She is involved in a variety of charitable organizations and uses her platform to promote awareness about important subjects like as education, women’s rights, and health. Kinza Hashmi clearly indicates the meaning of “beauty and grace,” making her not only a fantastic actress but also a role model for many people.

Sarwat Gilan

Pakistani actress Sarwat Gilani is a graduate of Pakistan’s prominent Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture. Gilani, known for her diverse acting abilities, has been graced by Pakistani screens for nearly two decades, appearing in a variety of television plays, web series, and feature films.

Sarwat Gilan

Hareem Farooq

Pakistani actress Hareem Farooq began her theater career in 2012, starring in Pawnay 14 August and Aangan Terha. Farooq made her movie debut in the 2013 horror thriller Siyaah, for which she received a nomination for Best Actress at The Lux Style Awards.

Hareem Farooq

Iman Ali

Iman Ali is a Pakistani model and actress. She is the daughter of Abid Ali, a television/film actor, and his first wife, Humaira Ali. She has two sisters, one younger and one older, who are both actors. Ali is most recognized for his role as Anarkali in Shoaib’s seven-minute music video.

Iman Ali


Reema Khan (also known as Reema) is a Pakistani cinema actress, director, and producer. Pakistani actress Reema was born in Lahore, Pakistan, to the Qazilbash Clan, a well-known offshoot of the Aghas. Her famous career in Pakistani movies extended two decades.


 Ushna Shah

Ushna Shah is a Canadian-Pakistani actor who comes from a family of artists who have worked in Pakistan’s theater and cinema industries. Pakistani actress , a student of the Stanislavsky method, has been playing in Canadian theatres since she was a child, primarily in Shakespearean roles.

Aamina Sheikh

Pakistani actress Sheikh, who was born in New York City and reared in Karachi and Riyadh, attended Hampshire College and studied video production. She returned to Pakistan after working as an assistant at Curious Pictures and began her career as a fashion model, during which she was a representative for the French brand L’Oreal.

Aamina Sheikh


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