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Gorgeous Mahira Khan

More about Mahira Khan 2nd Marriage.

Mahira Khan Marriage

Who is getting married for the second time?

On social media, a video of Pakistani actress Mahira Khan’s second marriage is trending. Find out more about her husband’s identity and occupation now.

Mahira Khan Marriage:

On Sunday, Pakistani actress Mahira Khan tied the knot with her boyfriend Salim Karim in a private ceremony. This marks her second marriage. The video of their wedding, shared by the actress’s manager, confirmed that Mahira has found her life partner. In front of their close friends and family, the couple exchanged vows. But who is Salim Karim? Let’s get to know him.

Who is Salim Karim and What Does He Do?

Salim Karim is not a member of Pakistan’s film industry; instead, he is a prosperous businessman who has been in a passionate relationship with Mahira for the past five years. Salim is not just Mahira’s partner, but also one of her closest friends. According to numerous accounts, his name is Salim Simpaisa, and he is the CEO of a well-known startup firm. This organization provides services to merchants in over 15 countries across a variety of industries. Interestingly, despite his non-showbiz occupation, Salim is said to be a skilled DJ.

mahira and salim karim

How Did Mahira Concur With Salim?

Reports suggest that Mahira and Salim first crossed paths at an event. This event was organized by the television application, Tapmad TV. Mahira has kept her love life away from the spotlight and has only made a few public statements about Salim. One such confirmation was in 2020 when she acknowledged dating him.

During a live session with fashion mogul Hassan Shaharyar Yasin on Instagram, Mahira shared more details about him. According to Pakistani outlet Dawn News, Mahira said, “There is a line in ‘Humsafar’ that I found beautiful, where Ashar Khirad says, ‘I don’t know what goodness I did to deserve you,’ and I feel the same way about him. I must have done something good in my life that God sent him my way.”

We wish Mahira Khan and Salim Karim success as they embark on their adventure together as this marks the beginning of a new chapter in their lives.

The wedding of Mahira Khan inside

Both Mahira Khan’s manager Anushay Talha and Pakistani photographer Izzah Shaheen Malik shared films showing parts of the couple’s beautiful ceremony. The celebrity was seen gently approaching Salim while wearing a gorgeous pastel wedding lehenga. In the video, Mahira and Salim were seen hugging and acting teary-eyed.

Mahira Khan

The Pearl Continental Hotel Bhurban in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, served as the ceremony’s location. Social media is flooded with videos and images of the actress and her husband from the wedding.

Mahira Khan, a Pakistani actress best known for her roles in “Raees” and “Humsafar,” wed her close friend and businessman Salim Karim on Sunday, October 1. The Pearl Continental Hotel Bhurban in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, served as the ceremony’s location. Social media is flooded with videos and images of the actress and her husband from their wedding ceremony.

Anushay Khan, the actress’ manager, and Izzah Shaheen Malik, the photographer, posted pictures from the actress’ big day on social media. Mahira can be seen approaching Salim in one of the films as she travels down the aisle, wiping his tears away. On her wedding day, Mahira looked stunning wearing a pastel lehenga and veil. Salim, on the other hand, was seen sporting a black sherwani and a blue turban. In an outdoor ceremony, Salim and Mahira were united in marriage in Murree, Pakistan. The actress previously wed Ali Askari in 2007; this is Khan’s second marriage. However, they broke up in 2015. Azlan, who is 13 years old, is their shared child.

The actress claimed that her career served as her primary means of support and that the years immediately following her divorce were quite challenging for her because she was splitting up with two wonderful people. She acknowledged that there was no abuse in the relationship; rather, it terminated when the couple’s two children got married and their demands diverged to the point that they could no longer live.

Raees, Verna, and 7 Din Mohabbat are a few of Mahira Khan’s best-known movies. She co-starred in the well-known television series “Humsafar” with Fawad Khan. Her most recent cinematic endeavor was ‘The Legend of Maula Jatt. Mahira’s upcoming project is the Netflix original film “Jo Bachay Hain Sang Samait Lo,” which also stars Fawad Khan and Sanam Saeed.



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